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Dining in College

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    Our alumnae are entitled to dine in College free of charge once each term, and may also attend up to three additional meals per term at the guest price. Alumnae are welcome to bring up to three guests with them and prices are listed below.

    Requests to dine in Formal Hall are always subject to availability and granted on a first come, first served basis. Please note that you should book your place at Formal at least a week in advance.

    Dining rights

    Dining rights for alumnae apply to Formal Halls or dining at High Table during a normal cafeteria lunch or dinner.

    Alumnae may also request to sit at High Table at a Formal Hall, but this is subject to availability. If we are unable to seat you at High Table, we will reserve a separate table for you and wine will be provided.

    If you choose to sit with our students, wine will not be provided, but you will be able to purchase bottles of wine in the College Bar to take to dinner.

    Dining Rights do not apply to Super Halls, although alumnae are welcome to request to attend, and can pay at the rates given below.

    Unfortunately, due to the current ongoing pandemic, we are unable to offer High Table or pre-dinner drinks, but wine will be served with your meal.


    Lunch and dinner in the Cafeteria

    In addition to these dining rights, you are welcome to dine in the cafeteria (not at High Table) for lunch or dinner at any time during term and pay at the cash desk in the Dome. Please contact the Development Office to confirm meal times prior to coming in.

    Outside of Full Term, there is a reduced catering service, so it is not always possible for alumnae to dine in College. If you are planning to visit during the vacation periods and would like to dine in College, please contact the Development Office in advance.


    Formal Halls 2021-2022

    Dates for Formal Halls and Super Halls can be found in the College Calendar.

    Prices for guests and additional alumnae meals

    • Formal Hall, not at High Table (wine included) - £22.45
    • Super Hall, not at High Table (wine included) - £25.00

    Reserve your place

    Please contact the Development Office to book for Formal and Super Hall by calling 01223 762234 or emailing

    Please note this email address is actively monitored Monday-Friday. Please give the full names of your guests, your dietary requirements, and whether you request High Table in the email. Please note that requests to sit at High Table are subject to availability on the night.