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The Gateway Programme provides many opportunities to our students such as through professional work placements and funding for travel and enriching activities.  

Internships and work placements 

Placements within work environments help students make well-informed choices about what they want to do and provide students with insights and on-the-ground experience to greatly strengthen their CVs. 

The Murray Edwards College Internship Initiative has negotiated internships for students in many sectors including: Computer Technology, Law, Finance and Investment, Education, Health Management, Publishing, Architecture/Building Design, Marketing, Oil Services/Industrial Technology, and Non-profit. 

One-day work-shadowing placements are also offered and in the past students have shadowed people in role such as: Criminal Court Judge, Environmental Consultant, Social Media Manager, Head of Campaigns and Communications, Technical Director, Head of Rewards, Local Councillor, Head of Data Integrity, Director of Marketing, and Medicinal Chemist. 

“The internship placement really strengthened my CV.” 

“I applied for a job at the firm where I currently work after shadowing one of the alumnae for a day!” 

“[After an internship] I’m now in full-time employment in that company.” 

Some examples of students’ professional placements: 

Gateway Challenges Funding 

The Gateway Programme encourages ambition, challenge and excellence. Experiences have an important contribution to make, but finance is often a constraint. This funding is available to students who have participated within the Gateway Programme and who want to build their skills, resilience and experience further through their own challenging interests. 

“The summer funding was invaluable at levelling the playing field and enabling me to have opportunities I otherwise couldn’t afford.” 

“Those experiences of travel and exploration were extremely formative and have continued to inform and impact me today.”  

“I can confidently say that the summer I spent in China funded by Gateway Challenges changed the whole direction of my career.” 

You can find out how our award holders spent their funding in recent years by visiting our dedicated Gateway Challenges Funding blog. Some examples are: