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Professional placement opportunities

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    Opportunities for professional work placements are very important to our students. They help students to make well-informed choices about what they want to do and they provide students with insights and on-the-ground experience to greatly strengthen their CVs.

    Many students want to learn more about what is expected of those working in graduate level roles. Many have undertaken vacation work in fairly junior roles but are unfamiliar with the responsibilities associated with more senior positions. Working alongside those already established in these roles provides this in a way that cannot be conveyed simply through reading job descriptions.

    "I was one of three interns working in the monitoring and evaluation team, over a period when a ‘midline’ survey (monitoring a project half-way through) was being carried out on grants from the Department for International Development to support girls through often-difficult transitions between primary and middle school. I loved my time at Camfed and was fully welcomed by the team there. I am really grateful to Gateway for securing the placement would highly recommend it for future Murray Edwards students." 

    Katie – 2019 Internship at the Campaign for Female Education (CamFED)

    "I was given real responsibility from day 1, and was soon helping prepare big pitch documents and conducting market research. I was given lots of training, with weekly ‘lessons’ from one of the Directors, and had a brilliant level of client exposure – within 1 hour of being in the office on my first day I was in a client meeting! I was also encouraged to spend time speaking to members of other teams to learn more about what they do, which I found really interesting. I spent the summer feeling really fulfilled, and a valued member of the team. I am very fortunate to have been offered a job off the back of my time there, and so I will be starting work at Sandaire full time next summer." 

    Lily – 2019 Internship at Sandaire

    "This internship has been valuable for me to gain experience at working in the corporate public sector, given me an increased understanding of the NHS and hospital transformation in general and I’ve developed skills such as report summaries, presentations and data analysis." 

    Anya – 2019 Internship at Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

    Internship opportunities

    These are usually for two to eight weeks and take place during the summer vacation.

    Internships have taken place in the following sectors over the last five years (2015-2020): Computer Technology, Law, Finance and Investment, Education, Health Management, Publishing, Architecture/Building Design, Marketing, Oil Services/Industrial Technology, and Non-profit.


    Work-shadowing opportunities

    These are one-day placements which take place during the Easter vacation, usually with our alumnae. 

    Work-shadowing has taken place with the following roles over the last five years (2015-2020): Criminal Court Judge, Environmental Consultant, Social Media Manager, Head of Campaigns and Communications, Technical Director, Head of Rewards, Local Councillor, Head of Data Integrity, Director of Marketing, and Medicinal Chemist.

    We are very grateful to all the institutions and individuals who help us by providing internship and work-shadowing opportunities.