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Professional placement opportunities

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    Opportunities for professional work placements are very important to our students.  They help students to make well-informed choices about what they want to do and they provide students with insights and on-the-ground experience to greatly strengthen their CVs.

    Many students want to learn more about what is expected of those working in graduate level roles.  Many have undertaken vacation work in fairly junior roles but are unfamiliar with the responsibilities associated with more senior positions. Working alongside those already established in these roles provides this in a way that cannot be conveyed simply through reading job descriptions.

    Students also find that these opportunities can lead on directly to further roles in that sector as Louise Northover (who participated in our work-shadowing scheme in its pilot year) describes:

    ‘I was incredibly keen to take part in the work-shadowing scheme that Gateway provides because I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to gain experience at a much more senior level than I had previously had.  I opted to shadow EB, a member of a Talent Search team…  I have prior experience in recruitment and head hunting, but at a much smaller organisation and therefore thought this would be an interesting comparison.

    During my day EB ensured that I was kept busy with a broad spectrum of activities that best captured her everyday role, but also the roles of the Talent Search team more widely…  Their work on gender diversity really caught my interest and attention and on this basis I asked whether I would be able to gain more experience with them by embarking on an internship.  EB was fantastic in setting this up and I have now been working with them for the past 5 weeks…

    I would recommend this scheme to fellow Murray Edwards students…it allows students to see work beyond entry and training level.  It reveals what a career looks like at a much more advanced stage.’

    Internship opportunities

    These are of 2-8 weeks duration and take place during the Summer vacation.  This year they include:

    • Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning:  roles in research & investigation, events, marketing and client support
    • Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust: roles in management and reporting
    • GeneAdviser: roles in market research and in web development
    • Mayoor School (India): coaching and guiding young students

    Work-shadowing opportunities

    These are one-day placements which take place during the Easter vacation, usually with our alumnae.  This year they include:

    • Working and campaigning within the not-for-profit sector  – via Mary Milne
    • Policy research for Government – via Amanda Roper
    • Product Development for the travel industry – via Jess Burrows
    • Law courts and working as a Judge – via Wendy Joseph
    • Procurement Technology – via Emily Warren

    We are very grateful to all the institutions and individuals who help us by providing internship and work-shadowing opportunities.