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Gym at Murray Edwards College
Gym at Murray Edwards College

The Porters’ Lodge

The Porters’ Lodge is often the first port of call for a range of enquiries. A member of the Porters’ Lodge is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mail can be collected between 6.00am-11.00pm.

Contact the porters by calling 01223 762100 or emailing

Bar and Common Areas

The Froud Room (at the bottom of the stairs in the walkway) and the JCR (H staircase, between Old Block and Pearl House) both serve as Undergraduate Common Rooms. There is a television and DVD player in the Froud Room. The Postgraduate Common Room (the MCR) is located in Canning and Eliza Fok House, it is open to all postgraduates at all times and has a TV, DVD and CD player together with kitchen facilities and computers.

The College bar is open most evenings and some of the weekend. It contains vending machines and a large TV, and opens out on to Fountain Court.

Walkway and Gardens

The broad walkway through the College also offers places to sit or gather and you may use all the gardens freely except for the Fellows' Garden (signposted clearly). There is no 'keep off the grass' rule at Murray Edwards College.


There are laundry rooms with washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing boards, in Canning & Eliza House, Buckingham House, and in the basement of Pearl House. These are operated by a card that can be bought in the laundry and charged up as needed.


The gym is equipped with cardio machines (treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, stepmaster, rowing machine), weight machines and has an area for free weights, yoga and boxing.

The Murray Edwards College gym is available for use every day from 6am-11pm and gym membership fees are £18 per term or £45.00 a year.

To join the gym you must undertake an induction. Find out more on the College gym page.

Art Collection and Art Room

A large, important and valuable collection of contemporary works by women artists is displayed throughout the college, including the student living areas - please treat them appropriately. Regular exhibitions are held in one of the Fountain Court corridors, commonly lasting a month. More information about the New Hall Art Collection and forthcoming events can be found on the New Hall Art Collection website.

The upper room in the Coach House may be used as an Art Room, with white light; there is a sink in the room below.


There is a photocopier in the library for student use. The machine is operated on a card system. Cards are available from the Porters' Lodge.