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Murray Edwards College
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Diversity and inclusion

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    Our focus is on creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, and fostering a diverse and inclusive community in which every student can thrive and succeed.

    In practical terms, we’ve done a lot over the last few years to help make sure students from all backgrounds and walks of life feel comfortable in expressing their authentic selves in College. Much of what we do centres on listening with a view to learning, so that we can all contribute to positive and meaningful change across society.

    Fostering a diverse and inclusive community

    • We’ve run training programmes across the College community (and we plan to do more).
    • We have a Race and Ethnicity Working Group and an LGBTQ+ Working Group – both include student representation.
    • We have a multi-faith spiritual room in Paula Browne House.
    • We are planning a series of talks on intersectionality covering topics such as Black feminist thought, and transgender people and religion.
    • We’ve held social events relating to different cultures and religions.
    • We were one of the first five Colleges in Cambridge to support the Care+ Campaign, which is a University-wide initiative dedicated to making Colleges, departments and faculties more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students.
    • We have an LGBTQ+ Fellow, Ms Fiona Duffy, who is keen to speak with any current or prospective students about the College’s LGBTQ+ initiatives.
    • We have a Race Equality Fellow, Dr Evaleila Pesaran, who oversees the engagement of students, Fellows and staff in all matters relating to race in College, acting as a point of contact between these groups and the College. She sits on the College’s Race and Ethnicity Working Group, and works closely with the JCR and MCR BAME officers to ensure their voices are heard.

    Find out more about how we are creating and inclusive environment

    Find out more about our LGBTQ+ community