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    The Gateway Programme at Murray Edwards College is a suite of integrated interdisciplinary activities. It has been designed specifically to encourage you to achieve excellence and to succeed both academically and in your future career. For more information about Gateway please visit this page

    The Gateway Team 

    • Gateway Career Consultant - Sheila Damon 

    • Gateway Career Consultant - Dr Emma Williams 

    How to Book Gateway Sessions 

    Bookings for Gateway sessions can be made online via our Moodle site. 

    You must book online to receive the access links for sessions. Booking pages are usually open until 12 hours before every session - check to make sure you don’t miss out! If you experience any problems in booking or want to know more, contact Julie, the Gateway Programme Manager.

    On the Gateway Moodle site you can also: 

    • Access: session resources and other useful materials. 

    • Find information about: Gateway sessions, Gateway Challenges Funding, Internships Initiative, Into Employment, One-to-Ones. 

    • Download: Gateway timetable, Gateway Challenges Funding application form, Personal Development Plan. 

    Gateway Academic Development Programme 

    The Academic Development Programme (ADP) is divided into a First Year Programme and an Advanced Programme (for Graduates, Finalists and Year 2), with sessions specifically for Arts/Humanities or Science /Technology students and some joint sessions suitable for all students. 





    Norse and Celtic 


    Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 






    History and Modern Languages 

    History and Politics 

    History of Art 


    Land Economy 



    Modern and Medieval Languages 




    Chemical Engineering 

    Computer Science 




    Natural Sciences (Biological) 

    Natural Sciences (Physical) 

    Veterinary Medicine 

    *Note that Economics and PBS are categorised here differently to the usual University subject division. This is for the purposes of the Gateway Programme only. 

    Gateway Challenges Funding 

    Experience has an important contribution to make. It helps you to develop your interests and strengths, and contributes to an interesting and convincing CV. Many students are constrained in terms of the experience they can gain by lack of finance. In order to address this the Gateway Programme sets aside a sum of money to help support MEC students in exciting endeavours: Gateway Challenges Funding. 

    Through the Gateway Programme you can earn credits which enable you to apply for Gateway Challenges Funding. Credits are awarded when you attend sessions and complete a feedback survey.  

    The funding may be used for a wide range of activities, including but not limited to volunteer work, enterprising charitable activities, and participation in sport or culture at a high/challenging level, internships or research project placements. The funding will help you to: 

    • Strengthen skills, e.g. project planning, budgeting, organising, negotiating, prioritising, teamwork and reporting, and others as identified in your PDP and in discussions with careers advisers or tutors. 

    • Gain relevant and wider experience 

    • Realise personal challenges 

    • And to enjoy yourself in the process.  

    Please note: We have limited funding and so currently direct these funds primarily towards continuing undergraduate students in years 1 and 2. We set aside a small amount of Gateway Challenges Funding for Graduates and Finalists. We anticipate awarding up to 12 awards of up to a maximum of £250 each. Graduates and Finalists who have committed to Gateway, earning at least 60 credits during the current academic year, and who have a worthwhile activity in mind for the long vacation, may apply to be considered. 

    Key points: 

    • Information on how to apply for Gateway Challenges Funding will be available in the Lent Term - look out for details on the Gateway noticeboard and on Moodle. 

    • Applications will be open from 1st April until 8th May 2022. 

    • 1st and 2nd Years need 100+ credits, with at least 30 from the current academic year. 

    • Finalists and Graduates need 60+ credits from the current academic year. 

    You can find out how our award holders spent their funding in recent years by visiting our dedicated Gateway Challenges Funding blog


    To discuss any aspect of Gateway and the opportunities available, you are very welcome to arrange to speak to Julie, our Gateway Programme Manager.

    Further Information 

    More details such as Term Cards, resources, and year-specific information can be found on our Moodle site