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    Photo of Murray Edwards College graduates
    Students on graduation day

    Who is eligible to graduate?

    How to register for a congregation?

    Bookings must be made before noon 15 days before the Congregation date.


    What happens on the day

    Degree certificates and transcripts


    Who is eligible to graduate?

    Any member of Murray Edwards who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may proceed to their degree at Congregation. The College will automatically contact those students whom it expects to present for their 'first' degrees at General Admission in the Lent Term. The Student Registry informs graduate students when they have been approved for their degrees and asks them to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have their degrees conferred at Congregation.

    The College will not put forward anyone for graduation in person who has not settled their College and University bills.

    How to register for a Congregation

    If you wish to put your name forward to receive your degree at any Congregation, except MA and General Admission, you will need to complete the webform for the congregation you wish to participate in. You cannot book your graduation through CamSIS. Your application will only be processed once details have been checked with the University and any balance owing to the College has been paid.  Please do not book travel tickets until your place at the congregation has been confirmed.

    Each Congregation generally follows the same pattern although the precise timing of events will not be available until one week before the Congregation. Final times and other details will be sent by email as soon as they become available.

    If you are unable to attend in person, you may wish to receive your degree in absence. If that's the case, please complete the relevant webform.  Your certificate will be posted to the First Destination Address shown on your CamSIS Self-Servce. 

    Please Email Congregations if you have any queries.

    Degree certificates and transcripts

    Original degree certificates are issued without charge to all those proceeding to degrees. If proceeding in absence, the certificate will be sent to you by post. Any extra copies must be ordered from the University's Student Registry office.

    All graduands receive a formal University transcript free of charge after graduation. They will be sent out from the College, so please ensure that you have completed your First Destination address in CamSIS. Again, extra copies of transcripts must be ordered through Digitary.


    For phototgraphy inside and around the Senate House please click here 

    During the course of the graduation ceremony, an individual photograph is taken of each graduand at the moment the degree is conferred. Following the ceremony, while you rejoin family and friends on the lawns of the Senate House,photographers are available to take individual portraits. There is no need to make arrangements in advance as this is all organised on the day.