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Murray Edwards College
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Student takeovers on Instagram

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    In this takeover, Kamilla, a third year Land Economy student at Murray Edwards shows you a day in her life. Kamilla did this takeover while at home in Hungary during Lent Term 2021.

    Rachel is a second year Economics student and a student advisor in the Gateway Programme at Murray Edwards. In this takeover, Rachel introduces Gateway, explains her role as a student advisor, and shows you a bit of the session on effective exam revision.

    Wendy, a first year Biological Natural Sciences student at Murray Edwards, shows you a day in her life while revising for her exams in Easter Term 2021 and answers questions from our followers.

    In this takeover Molly, a first year Geography student at Murray Edwards, shows you a day in her life and answers questions after finishing her exams in Easter Term 2021.

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