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Students not meeting Professional Requirements (Medicine and Veterinary Medicine)

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    Students not meeting Professional Requirements (Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Law)

    Adopted by Council:   21 March 2022
    Review Date: LT 2027
    Committee Ownership: Academic Policy Committee

    Students taking Medicine or Veterinary Medicine are required to pass 2nd MB examinations, normally via Tripos papers, to be eligible for clinical school places. Failure to pass these even after resitting closes the professional career path.

    Students taking Law also normally secure exemption from certain professional examinations while taking their undergraduate course; however, there are other routes to these and failure to pass them while an undergraduate does not block the professional career path.

    College Policy

    A student failing to obtain the normal professional requirements while an undergraduate may still continue to complete her BA course, as a reasonable basis for seeking employment subsequently.

    MVST students not meeting 2nd MB requirements after their first year are encouraged to consider changing to a non-clinical Tripos as likely to lead to a better final result. They should also have their attention drawn to the (small but significant) possibility that they might still be able to secure professional qualification by restarting at another institution; the College will provide a transcript and an account of their circumstances to any institution considering them.

    MVST students not meeting 2nd MB requirements after their second year but being class in the Tripos are not thereby automatically prevented from continuing to any Tripos Part, but the more competitive Natural Science subjects, commonly taken by such students, will not be open to them, and they may like to consider NST Part II (General) Natural Sciences as well as MVST Part II.

    Tutors should normally seek permission for an additional resit only when seriously hindered preparation can be urged and supported with documentation dated before the resit. An application embodying their view and a statement of the facts, must however be made if the student insists on it.