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Murray Edwards College
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What our priorities are and how we are doing

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Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

Annual report

The Annual Report and Accounts of the College are available from the College Operations page. The College magazine, The Dolphin, may be viewed or downloaded from the College website. The New Hall Society Annual Review can be obtained, free of charge, from the Development Office. The Annual Report is available free, on request, from The Freedom of Information Officer at

Corporate and business plans

The College has adopted a Strategic Direction. Annually prepared five year financial projections and one year budgets are available free, on request, from The Freedom of Information Officer at

Teaching and learning strategy

This section contains information regarding the management of teaching and learning within the institution, including mechanisms for reviewing and ensuring the quality of teaching provided.

The dates of University Terms are published on the University website.

Dates for clinical medical studentsare published by the Clinical School and are available from their website.

The Colleges' Senior Tutors' Committee publishes an agreed description of the educational provision expected from the Colleges, and monitors Colleges' implementation by periodical reviews with Tutorial and Admissions Offices.

The most recent report of the Quality Assurance Agency on the University of Cambridge includes information about College provision.

Detailed information for students on all aspects of graduation ceremonies is available on the College website.

The College adheres to standards agreed by the Senior Tutors' Committee and the University.

The College's Academic Policy Committee, reporting to the Council, determines priorities with respect to educational provision, and (in statistical form) reviews academic results, feedback from students on the quality of teaching they have received, and reports from supervisors on their students. Information gathered through the feedback mechanism described is exempt from release as it names individuals. A Teaching & Learning Questionnaire is completed, termly, by students.

Supervisors complete termly reports on their students, available indefinitely subsequently to the student, mostly via CamCORS.

An Academic Review Committee, reporting to the Council, reviews the results of students taking University Tripos examinations. The College's Annual Report notes the overall result of final year students in their Tripos examinations and other academic distinctions. The Annual Report is available free, on request, from The Freedom of Information Officer:

Academic quality and standards

The academic assessment of students at the College is conducted through Tripos and other University examinations (for undergraduates) and through the Board of Graduate Studies of the University (for graduate students). Information may be found on the University's website. Information about College procedures can be found in the Student Handbook.

External review information

The Tomkins Table showing the comparative performance of Colleges in undergraduate examinations is available from Wikipedia.

External and corporate relations

The Development and Alumnae Relations Office offers a wide range of opportunities for alumnae to support the college especially by offering career and personal development advice as mentors, advisors and speakers at the Gateway Programme.

The College occasionally receives donations from commercial companies. Details are available in the Annual Report available from the Development Office