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Women’s voices, women’s future

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    As a College for women, we want to have a voice not only about women’s status in society and the workplace but also for women to have a view on the major issues affecting society. 

    Visible Women – Arts & Gender

    The Visible Women – Arts & Gender conference took place on 9 and 10 September 2021. This conference was the first in a planned series of five exploring gender equality, and was supported by the John Browne Charitable Trust.

    Visit the Visible Women – Arts & Gender page.

    Collaborating with Men

    Collaborating with Men is ground-breaking research conducted by Murray Edwards College to establish how men and women can work together to transform workplace culture barriers to women’s progress into leadership positions. Much research shows how women’s careers are affected by assumptions and behaviour in the workplace that arise from the dominance of masculine culture. Yet, very little research has sought the point of view of men.

    We conducted this research because ‘fixing the women’ alone will not be enough to support the careers of ambitious young women. The culture in the workplace needs to change. That needs the collaboration of men.

    Visit the Collaborating with Men page.

    Lecture series 

    Our lecture series focuses on the shifting forces of the world today. It started in 2007 with a focus on the environment and climate change. More recently, between 2015 and 2017, the lecture series Capitalism on the edge, explored issues around capitalism questioning whether there is any alternative to capitalism or whether capitalism can be changed to serve society.

    Since 2017 the debate about capitalism has further developed. The impact of the Brexit referendum result and the election of President Trump gave rise to much debate about what people thought about capitalism, especially the global trading systems and its impact on jobs.

    With so much change, our current lecture series called ‘Just on the Edge’ is looking at how we are on the edge in a number of ways – environmentally, socially and politically.

    In future, we will add further series debating the important issues of the time and visitors to the discussion platform can join in the discussion and have their voice heard. 

    Visit the Lecture series page.