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Paying your bill

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All invoices will be emailed directly to your Cambridge ( email address. Invoices are sent on or around the first day of each Full Term.

Payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice. Payment can take any of the following forms:

  • Internet bank transfer using your UK online banking facility (preferred method). Payment details are included on the top right hand side of your invoice.
  • UK cheques made payable to Murray Edwards College.
  • Payments may be made from an international bank account, however, please note that where charges are incurred for use of such a facility, these will be passed on to the student to pay. 
  • Sterling bank draft (obtainable from any international bank).

Charges are imposed for late payment of invoices. However, in all cases it is recognised there may be exceptional circumstances which should be discussed with Tutors. These circumstances may give rise to special arrangements involving agreed deferments.

Overdue Accounts

College invoices are due for payment 14 days from the date of invoice. Late payment charges will be levied on all overdue accounts (including fees, rent and fixed College charges), at the following rate:

  • A first charge will be levied 2 weeks after the due date.
  • A second charge will be levied at the end of term.
  • Thereafter, overdue accounts will attract monthly charges on the outstanding amount at each month end, provided that at least 30 days have elapsed since the second charge.

The level of the charge is:

  • £5 if amount overdue = £50-£250
  • £10 if amount overdue = £251-£500
  • £15 if amount overdue = £500+

Unpaid College Bills/Rents

A reservation made in a room ballot for the next academic year will lapse if there are overdue amounts owing to the College for whatever reason on 15 August.

Caution Money

The College requires all new undergraduates and postgraduates to pay £200 caution money, included in their first College Bill. This amount is held against any non-payment of amounts owed to the college at the end of a student’s period of study.

The amount is held until the student permanently leaves Cambridge on the completion of their studies or for other reasons. At no time will it be used to offset against College charges during the course of study (normal late payment charges will still apply to overdue College bills). No interest will be payable on caution money.

All students will receive a notification from the Student Accounts Office about return of caution money at the time of graduation or leaving and will be required to provide bank details to enable the refund. Any student permanently leaving the University for reasons other than graduation should make contact with the Student Accounts office themselves, and will be advised of this by the Tutorial Office.

For medical and veterinary students continuing from a BA to their clinical study, the balance will carry forward as their postgraduate caution money.

Refund of balances over £20 will be made to the student’s UK bank account as notified. Balances under £20 will be credited to student support hardship funds, as will any other balance if UK bank details are not provided within one month of the notification from Student Accounts.

For overseas and EU students who plan to close their UK bank accounts, please note that a minimum of seven working days must be allowed for the Student Accounts office to make the bank transfer.

In the event that you have any questions about this process, please email