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Room Management System (RMS)

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    Room Management System (RMS)

    Only registered users may use RMS: you will need to log in to the RMS Website using your Raven credentials.

    Fire Risk Assessments

    Please read the fire risk assessment related to your accommodation.

    Problems and requests

    After logging in you will see the Report Problems page, which can also be accessed from the Problems menu. There may be a temporary message in blue describing any current problems known to be affecting all or part of the College.

    This is followed by instructions for reporting a problem. First you need to enter the location. This is the Room, Floor, or Building which best describes where the problem is. If it is a corridor, for example, choose a Floor. Orchard Court is treated as a series of Buildings A–H. Canning and Eliza can be abbreviated to CE.

    The Find button will reveal a list of spaces that match the text you entered. Select the room/space you want by clicking the link to the right.


    Avoiding over-reporting

    To avoid multiple reports of the same problem, RMS will then show you any problems already reported, either by you or relating to nearby spaces.

    Continue or Abandon your report, as appropriate.


    Describing the problem or request

    Updates on the progress of the handling of your problem will be sent to your Cam mail address, but you need staff to contact you by other means you can add contact information in the box provided.

    If you need to report a problem on behalf of somebody else, use the Change Person button to select them from the list of registered users. You will both receive updates.

    Select the most appropriate item from the list and provide as much information as you can so that we can dispatch the appropriate staff.

    Submit the request, or Abandon it.


    Monitoring progress

    Track Reported Problems (in the Problems menu) will list the requests you have made and their status.

    Reported means that it is awaiting attention.

    Dept aware means that a department has picked up the request.

    Allocated means that a member of staff has been assigned the job.

    Action taken means that the work is believed to have been completed.


    Room inventories

    On the 'My accommodation' menu you will find 'My current room'. This will show you a list of the contents of your room and their current condition.

    If you agree, press the 'Accept inventory' button. Otherwise, comment on your reasons, and press the 'Disagree with inventory' button. Accommodation staff will contact you to resolve the matter.

    You have a limited time to do this and you can reject the inventory only once.


    The various conditions an item may be in are as follows:

    new brand new
    good the standard you would hope for
    fair not quite up to standard
    worn but still acceptable
    marked but still acceptable
    damaged but still acceptable
    poor sub-standard
    broken needs repairing
    useless needs replacing

    IT problems

    If you have any problems with IT, such as poor wireless reception in your room, you can let the IT Office know by email to or by telephone on (7)62496