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Murray Edwards College
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Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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The Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology course is multidisciplinary, with an emphasis on applying science to solve real-world problems in the process and biotechnology industries. In the first year, students study Chemistry and Mathematics from Natural Sciences with the remainder of teaching in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The four-year full-time course qualifies students for both the BA and MEng degrees and is accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. It is possible to graduate after three years with just the BA degree. More details about the course can be found on the University website.

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at Murray Edwards College

At Murray Edwards, we aim to admit one or two undergraduates a year for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Students are taught alongside the Natural Sciences cohort in their first year for Chemistry and Mathematics. The Department also builds connections between students at different Colleges so those at Colleges with smaller groups are not disadvantaged in any way.

Typical offer
A Level: A*A*A
IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects
A Level: A Level Chemistry and A Level Mathematics
IB: IB Higher Level Chemistry and IB Higher Level Mathematics

A third science/mathematics subject is also required.

Admissions Assessment
All applicants for Chemical Engineering are required to take the Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT), for which they must be registered in advance.

Written work
Chemical Engineering applicants are not asked to submit written work to the College. 

Academic and teaching staff