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    Dr Anna Barford

    Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
    1 Trumpington Street
    CB2 1QA

    Bye Fellow in Geography



    Degrees & Awards

    • Ph.D in Geography, University of Sheffield
    • MA in Sociology and Social Research, University of Nottingham
    • BA in Geography, University of Cambridge

    Dr Anna Barford is the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Pathways to a Circular Economy, supported by Unilever.


    I am a social, economic and health Geographer. I have an ongoing interest in the ways in which economics and the connections between distant parts of the world can influence people's lives, and what interventions can be made to ensure social well-being and environmental sustainability. These questions are relevant within my work on the labour in circular economies, the decent work deficit for young people in lower income countries, with internal migration and the cholera outbreak in 2010 Haiti, and in the setting of English local councils as they cope with austerity measures."

    My current projects include

    1. Decent work and youth livelihoods - this work is concerned with the serious lack of decent work for young people in lower income countries, and is done in collaboration with the youth NGO Restless Development.
    2. Regimes of Austerity: Economic Change and the Politics of Contraction - this research examines the politics of austerity in British and North American cities as they respond to recession, recovery, fiscal uncertainty, growing economic inequality, and changing policy demands.

    My previous research includes a study of the history of infectious diseases amongst forced migrants, drawing data from population displacements around the world, as part of a team working on a project entitled Humanitarian Crises, Population Displacement and Epidemic Disease 1901-2010.

    My PhD was concerned with attitudes towards international inequality amongst people positioned differently along a spectrum of wealth. Prior to beginning my PhD I worked with Professor Danny Dorling, to produce hundreds of world cartograms (apparently distorted world maps) to show variables ranging from to wealth distribution, to species at risk of extinction, to commuting times.



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